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Asymptomatic COVID-19 May Cause Silent Lung Damage

Bizarre: Asymptomatic COVID-19 May Cause Silent Lung Damage

Asymptomatic people feel lucky, for they do not have to go through aggressive treatments, and believe that they are spared from the long-term damage the virus has been found to cause. POINTS TO KNOW: ·        The novel coronavirus has been found to cause some cases of asymptomatic infection ·        Why and how do some people show symptoms, while others do not is one of the questions this study rose ·        The study found that even asymptomatic COVID-19 patients may have underlying lung damage Example of LIVE CASES A Doctor describes how one COVID-19 patient died with adverse pneumonia and symptoms, even when a team of experts assessed and treated him carefully. On the other hand, another COVID-19 patient referred to the ICU for mechanical ventilation seemed absolutely normal, but when her blood oxygen levels were recorded, they were so low that it seemed miraculous that she was still conscious. Study says – A study describing the pathological lung changes on CT scans of completely asymptomatic COVID-19 patients has found that even patients with advanced COVID-19 may show no specific symptoms of respiratory disease. While asymptomatic carriers of virulent infections are not uncommon, COVID-19 is that disguised under asymptomatic illness is underlying organ damage. According to the research, scientists have found lesions consistent with inflammation of the underlying lung tissue, which is not specific to COVID-19 and can be seen in many other forms of lung disease. However, what is bizarre is how despite these changes, patients do not show symptoms of pneumonia or respiratory issues, such as severe shortness of breath. NEED TO NOTE: Lack of symptoms is not only harmful in the sense that you could become an unintentional carrier of the coronavirus, but also that you may not get a chance for treatment or even diagnosis. The risk of sudden death or irreparable damage to the organs is also high in asymptomatic cases.

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