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The best care

What to expect


Our winning formula is based on patient-focused care with collaboration from our team and multi-disciplined allied services to gain the best results. We want to ensure that your visit to Total Orthopaedics is seamless and relaxed as possible. Our administration team is more than happy to help with any question or worry you may have, so don’t hesitate to call us.

Our hospital is located at the heart of the city combined with a relaxed patient atmosphere. Highly skilled staff welcoming you and enabling you to feel at ease as soon as you arrive.

There will be a registration form to complete, so please ensure you allow enough time to complete the administration process before your appointment time.

Outpatient Clinic

  • We have daily clinics, except on Sundays. We offer same-day appointments to our patients that need to see a specialist due to an emergency or injury.

  • Our consultants will see you in their outpatient clinic, your first appointment usually takes around 20-30 minutes. Follow up appointments are usually shorter.

  • There will be a registration form to fill in on arrival, so please ensure you allow enough time to complete before your appointment time.

  • Depending on your injury and condition, we may need to refer you for diagnostic tests, e.g. x-ray, MRI, CT, blood tests. All these are available on-site for your convenience.

What happens next

  • Following your first consultation or follow up appointment you may need surgery, physiotherapy, referral to another service or no treatment at all.

  • Our consultants will recommend the best form of treatment to get you back on your feet quickly, enjoying life.

  • All documentation, organization of surgery and referral onwards will be taken care of by our consultants and administration team. They will guide you every step of the way.


If surgery is needed, then our team will arrange on your behalf at the hospital of your choice. We will send you a confirmation letter with the date, time and instructions. You may also be required to visit the hospital for a pre-admission check-up, however, we will arrange this with you if necessary.

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