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Laboratory Services - NABL & ICMR APPROVED



Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath has been one of the biggest business challenges of our time. This may start from identification of risk and monitoring a three-stage strategy by WHO. While creating such a framework, it is eminent to monitor health status of all staff members. WHO, in its policy brief (Preventing & mitigating COVID-19 at work) dated 19th May, 2021, reiterates that testing strategy for all categories of workers is important. It emphasises routine screening and mitigation of workplace outbreaks by tying up with the concerned industry experts.


As the coronavirus infections have increased across the globe, the medical fraternity has also identified various methods of identifying the infection within the human body. We are equipped with the highest standard equipment’s and protocols thereof to conduct COVID-19 testing in Chennai. With the COVID infections spreading fast, we understand that obtaining the COVID Test result is of utmost importance, and give COVID Test Results within 3 hours !

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